Grab Your Share of Over $60,000 in May

Opt-in in to your favorite leaderboards this month, and earn daily cash rewards. Our exclusive Poker Leaderboards are all about giving back to our players while they play their favorite poker games.

Starting May 1st, poker players will have the opportunity to opt-in to daily leaderboards and collect a share of over $60,000 in rewards throughout the month

$2,000 Nightly Freeroll

There’s 3 leaderboards running at Cash Games and Sit & Goes from 12:00 am ET to 8:00 pm ET allowing a total of 500 players to win a seat every single day. Each leaderboard qualifies a wide range of players, but once you earn a seat, you must place in the money to collect your share of the cash.

Another day means another leaderboard and another shot at $2,000 cash! Nightly Freerolls will take place at 9:00pm ET.

Here’s how you earn points in the different leaderboards:

Daily Cash Games Leaderboard (No Limit Hold’em)

The most popular game will offer a daily High Hand leaderboard, where players get to collect points at any stake level and compete in an equal playing field for their seat in the Nightly Play & Win Freeroll.

All it takes is a big hand to top the leaderboard in this competition, giving anyone a real shot at a big payday. The top 200 will secure a seat in the 9:00 pm Freeroll.

Daily Cash Games Leaderboard (Pot Limit Omaha)

A separate leaderboard will take place in the same fashion for our Omaha addicts, allowing them to collect high hands and the top 200 from this leaderboard will win a seat in the 9:00 pm Freeroll.

Here’s how you collect points from Hold’em and Omaha leaderboards:

Hand Combination Leaderboard Points
KK 1
AA 2
Two Pair 3
Three of a Kind 4
Straight 5
Flush 6
Full House 7
Four of a Kind 15
Straight Flush 30
Royal Flush 60
*Hold'em Leaderboard: must use both hole cards to form combination
*PLO Leaderboard: must use at least 2 hole cards to form combination
*Hand must go to showdown to earn points
*Minimum of 3 players at the table to earn points

Daily Sit & Go Leaderboard (Windfalls and Sit & Goes)

Sit & Go players will have their own daily competition where points are awarded in various fast-paced games, including Windfalls.

Here’s how to collect points:

  • 1st place in any Windfall: 10 points.
  • Reach prizes in Double or Nothing Sit & Goes: 10 points.
  • Top 3 in any regular Sit and Go: 10 points.

Where do I find Poker Leaderboards?

Simple log in to the poker platform and find “My Missions” (“Contest” on mobile) in the lobby and opt in for you preferred leaderboard of the day.